Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Thousand Shining Beads Await my Every Move

New sparkly top alert! I wore this outfit last night for drinks and a curry for a friend's birthday, and it took me soo long to decide what to wear. The thing is, I am one of those people who has loads of casual day-time outfits, loads of dressy going out outfits, but who NEVER knows what to wear to pubs/bars/restaurants. I can just never seem to get the smart/casual balance right. It's the one area in which I feel I struggle when it comes to style. Flats seem too casual, but heels are only acceptable if worn with jeans or trousers, otherwise you look too dressy, and I don't do jeans or trousers. I do jeggings, during the day, and will occasionally wear shiny leggings- but that's about it. I think it's just that, to me, jeans seem like the easy option. They're kind of the modern day uniform. I hate how, if you go to a train station or a bus stop or a supermarket and look around you, EVERYONE is wearing jeans. I mean, slinging on a pair of jeans and a top is effortless, isn't it? It doesn't require any thought. But then, where's the creativity in that? Where's the challenge? And you all know I love a good style challenge. SO. I decided on some extra shiny leather look leggings, and a cream vintage beaded top which I thought I vaguely remembered seeing in 360 degrees vintage. It turns out someone else had snapped up the cream top, BUT, they had one which was pretty much exactly the same in Beehive, so in the end I got my perfect bar to restaurant outfit :-) The top is entirely covered in tiny cream beads in vertical lines, and every time I move they give a subtle twinkle. Plus, all the little beads feel really smooth when you run your fingers down them, so it's one of those tops that you want to keep stroking all night.

The look was partly inspired by the Olsen twins- I love how they wear their hair all long and wavy and disheveled and how their outfits are often so simple and yet so amazingly cool and chic. Someone who I'm also currently obsessed with is model and style blogger Rumi. I am in love with her amazing blog Fashion Toast simply because the photography is stunning and because she is just so effortlessly stylish. I actually want to be her. Her outfits all consist of neutral tones like nudes and greys mixed in with black and the occasional unexpected flash of leopard print. Then I feel there is also a bit of Gaga factor to this look, in that the colours and sparkles remind me of the visually stunning, diamonte filled Love Game video. Plus, how Gaga-esque is this dark lipstick? So that's the inspiration behind the look. Let me know what you think.  

Disheveled curls and dark lips: eat your heart out Mary Kate :-)
Topshop lipstick in Ruthless
My many beautiful rings (all Topshop)
Loving this nail colour
Yep, I did wear all these rings at once :-)
Please leave your comments, they make me super happy!
Love the Porcelain Princess xoxo


  1. so rock and chic:)
    new outfit on mine..kiss

  2. Love the dress and jewellery!


  3. Ahh Chloé, I don't own a pair of jeans!! I'm so glad someone else isnt big on them! Wonderful blog as always :) And about that vintage clothes night, I don't know when it's on I thought it was a wednesday, the shop owner said he'd email me and he hasn't... Maybe mike and I will take a walk over there after I've drowned in work. Love you! xx

  4. nice outfit, love the top and your red hair

  5. It's such a rockstar outfit. Love it. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too,soon.


  6. loving those dark lips with red hair
    you're gorgeous

  7. rock n chic! love ur hair

  8. I love this outfit!
    And your hair is amazing! :)

  9. supercute blog..hope you'll check out mine..

    greets from croatia..

  10. you crazy mang! YOURRR hair so cool!
    love all your photos girlie. x


  11. love the dark lips and goregeous colour hair..
    check out my blog :)

  12. your red hair and black lipstick look amazing !
    your pictures are great,
    following :)

  13. Nice photos and I love your rings!

  14. You wear 'Ruthless' oh so well and you remind ne of Florence Welch.

    Jen x

  15. your hair is so gorgeous!

    love the rings & the nail colour!


  16. I totally agree with you. Wearing jeans is effortless. I like making interesting outfits! I'm glad I found your blog.