Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Celeb style crush gallery

Purely for inspiration purposes, I have decided to create a gallery of all my celeb style crushes of the week! If ever you're feeling uninspired, take a little look through my collection of weekly celeb style crushes to give yourself some fun, crazy, celebrity style ideas! Each week I'll add a new pic :-)

Florence Welch
Taylor Momsen
Kristen Stewart
Kristen again!
 Nicola Roberts, I actually want to be you. So perfect.
 Since I accidentally skipped a week, here is an extra picture of Nicola that I also would have put up, and which, despite being about a year old, is STILL inspiring me now. The perfection of this outfit can never quite fail to impress me every time I look at it.
 Kristen working red carpet chic


  1. im really love Florence's style!she's really gorgeous..i love when she wore something vintage :)

  2. I love her so much too! She's probably top of my celebrity style icon list right now! And I love her vintage looks so much too! xx

  3. nice blog dear :)
    i love taylor momsen's style, adore her rebel way
    would u visit mine?
    we can follow each other and be a friend if u mind

  4. Like these rock looks!Especially the one by Taylor Momsen!

  5. Florence has a really unique approach to dressing - something I often admire. In some ways she reminds me slightly of a young Kate Bush.
    Thanks for your lovely comment. I didn't get invited to LFW per se - I applied for a press pass, then sent out a lot of emails to PR's requesting tickets! It took a lot of work, but was worth it in the end.

  6. love the outfit of the first one (florence right?)


  7. Thankyou all for your comments! :-D xx

    Roz- oh OK, thanks for explaining! Hehe, well done you, I'm sure all that effort getting in was worth it! I love Florence's style and uniqueness so much- and yeah I totally get the Kate Bush thing, I've thought that before! xxxxx

  8. first time on your blog :)
    my question is why celebs have a great taste of style? aw, the look great!
    drop by anytime on my blog :)

    sweet and sugars,