Saturday, 12 February 2011

That Friday Feeling

Don't you just love Fridays? I think it's that feeling of anticipation that makes them so special- the thought that you have two whole days of freedom before the drudge and monotony of Monday morning returns. Even if you work on weekends- or know you have to get up early the next day- there is still just something special about Friday night. It reminds me of the end of the school week when I was younger, of getting ready to go out with friends to the local youth club or to hang around someone's free house, of sitting in with your best friend doing face masks and wishing you knew some boys you could make flirtatious calls to on your mobile, of singing along to 'Moulin Rouge!' at sleepovers or of sitting in by yourself when there was nothing better to do, watching Mean Girls.

Nowadays, even if my boyfriend is busy and I'm not doing anything or going out, and I know I should use my free night to make a start on that essay or do that important reading- I can't. On a Friday night in, the TV and my pink duvet and the Ben 'n' Jerries calls, and it is impossible to resist. Sad? Yeah, I probably am, but I don't care what anyone says; Friday nights with Half Baked and a girly film can be pretty damn amazing! Even if all I'm doing is swooning over Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries instead of dancing the night away, it's cool because it's Friday- and no matter how you spend it- Friday is the best day of the week. Nothing can take away it's sparkle.

My regular Friday afternoon routine has lately been to spend some time happily vintage shopping in Greenwich after my class finishes at three, then to catch the train home, new purchases in hand (even if it's just a 99p necklace!) to spend a cosy night in with my boyfriend on the sofa. This Friday just gone was extra fun, as my mum came up to meet me and joined me in my weekly treasure-hunt around the shops and market. I was all too happy to introduce her to some of my long-time Friday shopping friends, such as 360 Degrees Vintage and my favourite vintage market stall :-)

Here we are having Fashionable Friday Fun:

    Having a panini, coffees and scones to give us the energy to shop til we dropped!
My mum working 70s chic in 360 Degrees Vintage!

I love slips and sundresses!
I love the displays in this shop...
How adorable is this!? (P.S, I want the black bralet which is hanging up! It would look cool with black shiny leggings, a half-way done up denim shirt and heaps of ghetto-gold, non?)
Little touches like this really add to the atmosphere!
It's all about trying on a crazy church-hat.
 Floppy floral hat, anyone?

Love this stall! I bought two cute headscarves for only a pound each!
Gotta love the £3.00 pile!
Can I just draw your attention to this lovely cream blouse? My boyfriend managed to sniff out a thrift store when he went skiing to Canada recently, and found this and a cute beige jumper. Isn't he the sweetest for rifling through a vintage shop for me to find something I would like?? Thankyou Michael! :-) x
Trying on a top (which I bought!) in Vintage Emporium
 This top is so cute and different- I think I'd wear it with my grey bodycon skirt, some black opaques and some leopard print flats? Or maybe some grey high-waisted shorts? Hmm decisions, decisions...

I didn't buy this but am going to go back and get it- it will be just perfect for camping in the summer :-)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little account of one of my Friday shopping trips, and I hope you all had a very happy Friday, whatever you got up to...
love and kisses,
The Porcelain Princess xoxoxoxo


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  3. Hey lady. Where did you score those leather shorts? Loves them. I'm glad to see they have crazy church hats in the UK as well. Following!

  4. Heya! Thanks! They were actually vintage leather trousers that I cut into shorts coz they were a bit ankle swinger-y lol, they were only cheap from a vintage shop, so much cheaper than buying new ones in Topshop! Haha and yeah we have crazy church hats! :-D Am following you too xxx

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  6. Hey Chloe :)
    Thank you SO much for your comment, I love it when people actually spend a few minutes to just share their thoughts!
    And I completely agree: The clueless way of life would be like heaven!

    Anyway I'm now following you, your blog is SO sweet, it's adorable!

  7. cute pics! love your blog! :)

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  10. these photos make me soooo jealous!! being able to venture into these places so often is amazing!

    ohhh and i am very in love with your leopard print coat <3

  11. This shop looks so nice!Like the displays of it too and the clothes are just so beautiful!

  12. Thankyou sooo much everyone for your nice comments! Claire and Rania- Yeah this shop is soo cool, I always find the displays really fun and cutesy. It's called 360 degrees vintage and it's in Greenwich in London if ever either of you visits one day! :-) xxx

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