Wednesday, 12 January 2011

An English Girl in Paris (part une)


For anyone who doesn't know, the above title is a reference to the very last two episodes ever of Sex and the City, where Carrie moves with her Russian to live in Paris. Ever since I saw those last two episodes when I was seventeen years old, I have wanted to visit Paris. As disastrous as Paris turned out to be for Carrie, I fell in love with her decadent evening ball-gowns, (who didn't adore her famous mille-feuille dress?) her snow-queen-esque winter layering in a pale palette of delicate pastels and neutrals and her huge, soft, tumbling curls which seemed more luxurious and romantic than in previous episodes- when it was wildly curly and untamed. Who didn't covet Carrie's vintage Dior clutch, and almost scream with delight when she pulled out the lost 'Carrie Necklace' from it's silk lining?
 Mr Big to the rescue xxx

This feeling of wanting to visit Paris has only been increased over time by the numerous references to Paris in Gossip Girl, particularly the last season where I lusted over Blair and Serena's outfits as they wondered the streets of Paris; Serena chatting up hot French waiters and Blair sampling stacks of pretty French pastries and pastel-coloured cakes. For (in addition to Topshop and summertime) these are my other two great loves: Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. Never before on any TV programme have I been able to identify so well with the characters- with their deep love and appreciation of fashion, and all things glamourous, girly and fabulous. In particular, what I love about both these shows is their emphasis on female friendship and the importance of it- and of course the highs and lows that come with maintaining such crucial relationships. Not to mention the fact that all this exploring of the highs and lows of friendship is carried out by the characters whilst wearing vintage, Manolo's and couture :-)
 Oh, Blair! <3

SO, you can imagine how excited I was when my boyfriend bought us Eurostar tickets for a day-trip to Paris for my Christmas present. As you can imagine- I spent hours and hours pondering my outfit. Since it is January- channeling any of Blair and Serena's summertime Parisienne looks was out of the question- so the Carrie Bradshaw snow queen look it had to be. In the end, after much trying on and discarding of outfits, I came up with this:
This is me on the Eiffel Tower!

The skirt is actually a vintage slip from a vintage store in New York, the jumper is Topshop, the bag is vintage from Greenwich market (it only cost me a fiver and I wear it EVERYWHERE), the boots are Urban Outfitters, the belt is H&M, the scarf is Accessorize, the hat is Topshop and the coat is vintage from a website called

I decided to go for a sweet, cutsie Parisienne look with a vintagey edge which reflected the pretty pastel colours of some of Carrie's Paris outfits. I also have discovered that these colours really compliment my new red hair.

I actually had a way nicer hat than this that I bought from Greenwich Market just before Christmas- it was one of those big, fluffy, Russian fur hats and it was cream- but I dropped it at Greenwich station on my way to uni and when I went back to look for it- someone had STOLEN it. Can you believe that? I mean, who would seriously steal a hat??? It was an extra beautiful hat though. I have seriously mourned it's loss :-(

Anyway- here are a few more pictures of my day: (By the way, I wish I had one of those amazing £500 odd professional cameras that I could take stunning model-y shots with, but sadly I can't afford one, so my digital camera will have to suffice.) 

Paris was so beautiful and I can't wait to go back. The Eiffel Tower was amazing and the whole city had such a romantic feel. However, the day turned out to be a bit of a disaster as my boyfriend had a call from work on the Eurostar on the way there about some humongous work catastrophe blah blah blah...that I wont even bother to go into- making him have a MAJOR stress- which kind of put a dampener on the whole day. Also, I didn't get to do any of the things I really wanted to do. I had this vision of wandering around Parisian vintage shops and eating cakes in a cute French patisserie, but we ran out of time. SO, my boyfriend has promised to take me to Paris again in the summer to make up for it.

I already have visions of wearing an adorable little floral vintage sundress and looking like I just stepped out of the D&G SS11 advert- I've only just seen the brand new campaign in my new issue of Glamour btw (something I eagerly await every season- especially in the Spring) and let me tell you, it did not fail to disappoint! :-) Here it is below in all it's pretty, picnic-in-the-park perfection:

 Wow! I could stare at it all day! <3

So people, stay tuned for 'An English Girl in Paris, Part Deux'...

Lots of love, the Porcelain Princess :-) xxxxxxxx


  1. Je ne peux pas attendre pour la deuxième partie Chloé!