Thursday, 13 January 2011

I think I feel a shopping trip coming on...

New outfit alert!

So. At the end of January I have a night out coming up for a friend's birthday, and as usual, I have been pondering over what to wear since I found out about it. Isn't January dressing so difficult sometimes? Your head is full of the new season looks so that all those glitzy Christmas party outfits seem tired and outdated already, but outside it's so freezing that to wear anything new-season would put you at serious risk of catching pneumonia. Not only that, but you really would look pretty out of place wearing a spring look in the snow/sleet/general freezing wintery greyness.

That said- I do actually prefer winter going-out looks. You can just add more to them. The weather provides more of an opportunity for layering and also, wearing tights, which I heart BIG time. Sometimes, I feel like wearing just a dress and heels can border on shall I say...slutty? Maybe it's just me, but I feel like you need a little something to cover up some skin when you're wearing heels.

Anywho, getting back to my main point- after much internet trawling and trying on sessions- here is what I'm thinking of wearing:
      This sparkly top from (and bonus-it's in the sale!)

   With this grey bodycon skirt, also from

With these STUNNING shoes (provided they fit me!) From, you guessed it,

With my amazing MAC Russian Red lipstick that my boyfriend's mum got me for xmas :-)

I would wear this outfit with black tights (I'm thinking possibly sheer, but I'm not sure yet, it needs to be tried on!) some gold chunky 80's style jewelery and my hair worn in hollywood screen siren-esque waves, but a bit messed up and back-combed for a disheveled, rock-chick vibe. I'm hoping to achieve something to this effect:
Incase the shoes don't fit- or if I decide I don't actually have the funds (I need to consult the bank balance-I must make my Christmas money last!) I will wear these shoes from Topshop, which I already have (and which I saw recently in the sale, grrr):

If I wear these shoes, I'd find a leopard print clutch bag because I just love the idea of an unexpected flash of racy leopard print with the softness of the pale pink and dove grey. I think it's what gives the look it's sense of fun and quirkiness, along with the bright red lippy. If I wear the leopard print shoes, I think I'd just wear a black clutch. Or maybe gold. Hmm...

Ok, so now I'm off for a treasure hunt in Toppers in Bromley to see if I can find any of these gems, and after that a quick browse at Greenwich market before I go into uni (the fact that my uni is RIGHT next to the market and a few fab vintage shops is possibly my favourite thing about going to Greenwich University!) 

I will post pics as soon as I have purchased the outfit, stay tuned! xxxxxxxxx


  1. Sounds great. I'm sure it'll all be very chic once you've got it all together! I love the sparkle top that you chose :)

  2. love that mac lipstick they have great shades!

  3. Aww thanks guys! And thanks so much for checking out my blog! I'm just getting started and really want to get some followers! OMG I know I love Mac lipsticks so much, I have about 10 haha. I'm following both your blogs now xxxx