Friday, 14 January 2011

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You...

Calling all Trubies! (that's fans of True Blood, THE most amazing TV programme in the world. If you haven't already watched it, I'm telling you, you are missing out. BIG time.) Tonight was the first TV showing (in the UK) of the much awaited third season. I wish I'd had the self-constraint necessary to wait until now to watch it, but unfortunately, I have no self-constraint when it comes to watching the sexy Vampire Bill, so I already watched it online back in the summer.

For anyone who hasn't become hooked on True Blood, you really should give it a try- I actually challenge anyone not to love it. There really is nothing else like it on TV- it's sexy, dark, romantic, gory, violent and shocking whilst also managing to be hilarious at times and deeply moving at others. Not only that, but the opening sequence and theme tune are OUT OF THIS WORLD. It's full of flickering, blood-splattered images relating to the Deep South, like sexual images juxtaposed with footage of religious fanatics dancing around in churches, bar side- brawls and like, hillbillies and stuff, all set to a deep, country voice singing 'I wanna do bad things with you...' Not to mention that Bill Compton's seductive Southern drawl will keep you watching it, if nothing else does ;-)

The whole Vampire genre is something I'm hugely into, and I also love The Vampire Diaries and Twilight (don't judge- it's my guilty pleasure!) :-) and I loved when the vampire theme filtrated into the fashion world. True Blood has given me TONNES of inspiration. Here are a few of the sexy vamp looks I've been inspired by:
    The evil but fabulous Lorena working underwear as outerwear (my fave trend ever). She is one of my favourite characters both in the show and style-wise. I love her sexy, gothic vamp glamour and her penchant for dark lipstick.
The goreous baby-vamp Jessica. So so pretty, she has the most flawless skin.
The STUNNING Sophie-Anne. I actually can't get over how beautiful she is.
This is the normally sweet and innocent Sookie's werewolf look that she adopts when she visits the werewolf bar- I love seeing her darker, edgier side here.
This is Debbie- she's also evil but I must say I'm feeling her wild, crazed, wolf girl look!

So, in celebration of True Blood being back on T.V, I decided to go for a vampire/wolf-girl/witchy/general-supernatural-vibe look today at uni. Here are some pics of what I wore:

Top: Urban outfitters (sale!)
Shorts: Vintage trousers from a vintage shop in Whitechapel which I cut into shorts
Boots: Tophop
Earings: Topshop
Rings: Topshop and vintage from a New York flea market
Bracelet: Topshop (sale!)
Lipstick: Rebel by MAC
Necklace: Creepy old antique shop in Hunstanton.

I feel like the leather and dark lipstick give the outfit a gothic, sexy vampire feel, whilst the animal print and chunky black boots give it a bit of a wolf-girl edge. I also love the witchy vibes that this odd, fantasy-like, wiccan-y necklace bring to the look.

I found the necklace in a wonderfully eerie, cobwebby little antique shop in Hunstanton, which is a seaside town where I went camping with my family in the summer. The windows were all dark and frosted up and crammed with piles and piles of antiques, ancient jewelery, old clocks, compasses and lamps. It looked like something right out of Harry Potter. You had to ring the door bell to be let in and this creepy old man showed us in and was like 'I don't do much business anymore, I want to start closing down soon.'
The whole shop was full of heaps of random old junk, towers of books, strings of yellowing pearls and dust-covered, glittering brooches. It was a real Aladdin's Cave and I would love to go back there one day if the old man hasn't closed it yet!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my vampire- inspired post! Happy True Blood watching!

The Porcelain Princess


  1. I love this post Chloe and True Blood is also enjoyed by the male gender. Lol. Look forward to the next one.

    Michal xxx

  2. Good post Chloë, Thank you so much for introducing us to this show, its kinda soft porn but with a excellent story line hence Steph and I love it ;)
    we're at e8 s2 at the moment so good!

  3. Thanks Mat! Ha yeah it is kinda x rated! Lol but yep story line is amazing and I love the characters! Thanks for commenting :-) xx