Friday, 21 January 2011

I got love for you, if you were born in the 80s...

I was...although only just! This is just a quick post really, to update you with the outfit I've been rocking all week! Anyone that is familiar with the way I dress probably knows that I'm huuugely into oversized 80s knitwear. In fact, I am just hugely into the 80s full stop. It's one of my favorite decades, along with the 40s and 50s. I love the ladylike elegance of the 40s and the sexy pin up style of the 50s, but you just can't beat the 80s for pure fashion fun. I love the way that in the 80s, everything was just thrown together in such a crazy, OTT way, so that you could mix lace, neon brights, gym wear, pearls, sequins, tutus, corsets, shoulder pads, stonewashed denim, leopard print, metallics, ruching- and then top it all off with bright pink lips,electric blue eyeshadow and a perm! Not that you'll catch me rocking the perm look, (or the blue eyes and pink lips combo!) but I think a lot of the aspects of 80s style were pretty cool, and I love the look of 80s vintage clothes combined with the benefits of modern day makeup and hair styling, which make the whole look more sleek and fresh! I've heard the 80s described as the decade that style forgot- but I prefer to think of it as the decade that the rule book was thrown out of the window! I guess I just love the fun and boldness of it all- I love any look that makes you stand out from the crowd and that allows you to make a statement.
                                                    I loved Carrie and Samantha's 80s looks in the flashback scenes  in                                                  SATC2- especially Carrie's Madonna inspired look!

I also really love the exaggerated proportions of wearing something really oversized like a baggy 80s jumper contrasted with something skin-tight on the bottom half, like leggings, jeggings, a bodycon skirt or tiny hotpants. A very unlikely film that really made me fall head over heels for this look was 'Little Voice', something my mum randomly got me to watch when it was on TV. The film was set in the 80s (I think!), and it was the main character's wickedly hilarious mother, Mari Hoff, that stole the show for me, character and style-wise. Her character is a total bitch- she's mouthy, gloriously tacky and basically meant to be a bit of an 'old trollop,' as my mum would say! The actress, Brenda Blethyn,  plays it so so brilliantly. Mari is one of those hilarious characters that you can't help but love- she's funny and fun to watch, even though she can be totally selfish and vulgar. I also couldn't help but fall in love with her array of over-sized, patterned baggy knits worn belted over leggings, gaudy sequined tops and leopard print pieces. The look is clearly meant to be a bit 'mutton dressed as lamb', but I totally loved the outfits and could seriously see myself rocking them! The film was actually released in 1998, but I'm pretty sure it must have been set in the 80s, although I can't find anything on the net that actually says when it's set.

I now have a pretty expansive collection of baggy vintage jumpers and cardis from the 80s, but here is my latest purchase, the green jumper that I mentioned in my last post that I got from Beehive. I've been wearing it all week!

             Jumper: Vintage
             Bag: Vintage
             Skirt: Topshop
             Boots: Urban Outfitters

I hope you like it! Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think :-)

lots of love,
The Porcelain Princess


  1. Beautiful sweater dress! The color is amazing!

    VPV Intern

  2. Your photos is very beautiful!!!))) Lovely style.

  3. Love your blog and you´re a redhead like me!!

    Redhead In Law

  4. Thanks so so much for your nice comments guys and for following! :-D It means so much to me as I'm trying to build up followers so a huge huge thanks!!

    I wish I was a natural redhead but sadly, I'm not! I've been obsessed with red hair all my life, I think it's so beautiful! I want to go even redder than this but since I'm a natural brunette I'm not sure it will work?

    Lots of love xxx

  5. so cute!

    i love the eighties, too. i hear there were some pretty ugly portions though...haha! adorable :)

  6. LOL brings me back to my sisters wearing outragous stuff while I was wearing rediculously colourfull shell suits and black plimsoles :) I've seen LV good film.

  7. sweet outfit <3
    i love it.

    fOllow Me Please !!